Day by DayBracey


A polygamist, simultaneously married to bacon and booze, Day Bracey once led a mostly private life, in fear of persecution from a conservative right winged christian society who wouldn’t understand his inability to choose between two loves. That is, until his giveafuck was blown away in a massive explosion of Shape-ups and tasteless Subway sandwiches. Armed with his sword of common sense and shield of free thought, Day Bracey now roams the Earth, striking down ignorance and BS wherever they may rear their ugly heads. A guerrilla against a well established army of stupidity, his methods of attack have been described as surprising and borderline radical, but precise and well planned. Think you have what it takes to last in the field? Join Day and his Detarded Army, as he calls attention to life’s hidden absurdities, and gives you the tools necessary to battle them! Also, he tells poop jokes.