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Train Death / Survival of The Fittest!!! [Video]

daybracey April 30, 2012 Day by DayBracey

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For the last two weeks I’ve noticed a billboard on my way to work, sponsored by some random train company, depicting a man crossing the railroad tracks with his headphones blaring, oblivious of the train bearing down on him from behind. The tag line states something like, ‘Never a safe shortcut’. And you wonder why they would spend money on such a ridiculous and seemingly common sense message… Then it hits you. It’s the same reason our coffee cups say ‘caution, hot’… Someone somewhere must have been hit by a train. And I would imagine that they found a shattered ipod amongst the human leggo puzzle…

Ok. If you get hit by a train because you were too dumb to see, hear, or feel it coming, you know what they call that? Natural selection. All in all, its a good thing. Unless you have children, of course. Cuz then there are potentially more people walking around with your idiot DNA. DNA that I’m sure we’ll have to clean up off the tracks someday as well.

We should change the tag line of that billboard…

Trains… Strengthening the gene pool one idiot at a time…