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daybracey January 18, 2011 The Day Scrolls

Sharing is sexy.

Lil’ Wayne looks like Master Splinter with dreads. When asked what his appeal was, a fan of his said “It’s his voice and abs”.

Master Splinter, If you’re out there somewhere reading this, take note. No longer must you troll the late night sewer scene picking up drunken rats @ last call. Get yourself a synthesizer, a 90 minute abs dvd (I’m sure the turtles have one lying around), and a ticket to the next Wayne concert and you’ve got yourself some fine surface tail! Or better yet, just show up to one of the after parties, pretend you’re him and try not to drown in the the cascade that follows. Cause we all know rats are bad swimmers.

On a SN: I wonder if April O’Neil is a Weezy fan…? With as much time as she spends with the turtles, I’d say Birdman is more her type… What do you think?

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