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Local Game (Knee Deep pt.3)

daybracey June 4, 2010 The Day Scrolls

Sharing is sexy.

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Knee Deep

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Night Terrors

Original Post…

$150 Bi-male needs male roomate now!! (South Oakland)

Older Bi- male is looking for a younger college age male to share my very large room with here in South Oakland..You pay
only $150.00 monthly all inclusive,plus free wireless internet and basic cable…I am naked while i am in my room so you would have to be ok with that…hit me up with a face picture and some info about you if you are interested…tim


Day, 1st response:


Saw the ad on CL and am very interested. I’m a California transplant, taking courses at CMU. I deliver pizza on the east side but it’s not paying the rent.

Your ad struck me because I have a nudist history.. My parents were nudist so i’m very comfy with nudity. As a child, my mom would beat me senseless for wearing any type of clothing around the house. She said they were the rags of dead animals, and cotton picking slaves. My dad was a more relaxed nudist and would permit me to at least wear the sheets around the house when mother was not around. We were a happy family despite all of this.

So as you can see, I’m not doing this just for cheap rent. I just want a piece of home away from home. A few questions. Why are you a nudist? Are there religious ties associated with your nudity? How long have you been free of debris (as my mom would say. lol)? Let me know the length of stay and any utilities and maybe we can meet up to see the place. Thanks.



Tim 1st reply:

My brother is also a nudist,so it is in my family too.
I just like to be comfortable and don’t like it when my penis is restricted,how old are you kyle? and are you really interested,if so you can move in tomorrow!!!..Tim


Tim 2nd reply (next day):

So whats up? you still interested?…Tim


Day 2nd response:

Hey Tim,

Sorry about that. The President is in town and things are pretty crazy on campus. I’m still interested in the place. I did not want to meet you last night. That was a little too soon. I mean, I’m a nudist not a liberal. lol.

I have a few questions about the place. First, are there any black people living within the house. My mother’s constant rants about slave rags have left an impression on me and I can’t stand to be around them. Besides, they smell like chicken grease and malt liquor. Secondly, you say you are bi, would you maybe be interested in a threesome with myself and my gf? She’s a bbw. About 5’5″, 325lbs. very pretty face and eager to please. I wont take offense if you are not into that, just thought I’d throw it out there. But if you are interested, after the deed is done, she likes to go downstairs and fix a meal fit for a king. So you’d be getting hot sex and a hot meal. Who can resist that, eh?

Also, you said your brother was a nudist. Is it a family thing with you as well? Are your parents nudist? When did you decide you were going to be as God intended? I’m sorry for so many questions, I just want to know who I may potentially be moving in with.

A little more about me. I’m 21 and studying tribal arts. I’m currently doing research on the Zambiki tribe of Mozambique. Ugly little fuckers, but their culture is fascinating. They have a technique for removing the genitals of a man, and replacing them with that of their sacred animal, the African Boar. It says it gives them the stamina and courage of 1000 men and keeps them young forever beyond the grave. In my free time I like to hunt, drink, and workout whenever I can. I’m proud to say I’ve been off the juice (roids) for about 3 years now. No more crazy outbursts or jail time for me. I’ve found strength through God.

I hope this isn’t too much. I just want us to have a very clear understanding of each other and our backgrounds before we go any further. I hope you are not one to judge. I also hope the room is still available. If so, maybe we can chat a little more and meet up tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear from you.



Tim 4th reply:

Ok kyle,first of all it is a no about your girl friend,and second there are black people here.the guy across from
me is black..if this does not work for you i understand.I would love however to give you the best blow job you have ever had when can we meet….Tim


Tim 5th Reply:

my brother is the only person in my family who is a nudist..I need to know now weather or not you would like to come check the place out and move in,,there are other people who are interested and want to move now.
so please get back to me ASAP or i will go on to the next person….Tim


Tim 6th Reply:

Ok,guess you are no longer interested so i am going on to the next in line.Good luck in your search for a roomate…Tim


Day 3rd Response:


I’m sorry. I’ve been at work and school all day. I haven’t checked my email all day. I was going to this afternoon but my girl and I had a quicky with this guy begging for change in Oakland. It was freaking sweet!
I’m sorry to hear that the place is no longer available. If for some reason the next person falls through, let me know. I’m off all day tomorrow, so I can come see the place mid afternoon. I would need to know if my gf could stay over at times. She’s big but I sleep on top of her so the two of us would only be like 1 and half really. I would also like to know if I could store some of my catches there after a long day of hunting. Nothing big, I like to live off of local game like pigeons and stray cats. I clean them out very thoroughly and they never leave a smell. My girlfriend makes a mean pigeon cordon bleu. Even if this doesn’t work out, maybe we could come by and bring you a couple of bites. Maybe a little corn whiskey to follow and see where the night takes us. You up for that?
I hope to hear from you soon, even if the place isn’t available. You seem like a really good person and I’d love to sit around naked with you someday eating some of the best cat Pittsburgh has to offer, and enjoying the best God given gift on this planet… The human body.
Cheers, Mate!


Tim 7th Reply:

And i thought i wes sick!!! but you take the cake,no we would not work out as roomates sorry…Tim


Day 4th Response:

I guess you’re just like the rest. That was very hurtful and I didn’t deserve that. I may be different, but I’m not SICK! I’ll let Karma handle you, buddy.

Good day!


Tim 8th Reply:

Anyone who would kill a poor defenseless cat is sick in my book.


HAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHa… What book is that, Tim?

Thank you all for stopping by!